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Hi, I’m Darnell Barkman


 Why does Jesus matter? There is so much pain and evil in the world, how can the church claim he came to change things. In in bible college I struggled with the Christian faith to answer this question?

Here I write about what I’ve experianced the spirit of God doing in the world:

Building peace and justice where it is hard to find
Transforming me and my bad habits through Spiritual Practices
Creating communities of regular people who live lives peace, justice and hope
Interpreting scripture and history to backup some of my learning. 

I discovered that the biblical story isn’t about getting to heaven when we die, but about God reconciling the whole universe.John 3:16 says it all. God loved the world (Cosmos) so much that he gave his only son, that whoever would trust and follow his path him wouldn’t parish, but would fully live!

In that verse Replace the word “World” with “Cosmos.” That’s how it is in the original greek translation. That means that God’s mission to bring healing has a cosmic scope to heal everything the way he originally wanted it. Healing that is far beyond anyone’s imagination. 

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    About Darnell Barkman

    I write about following Jesus in daily life. My friends at the global immersion project call this “everyday peacemaking.” The world doesn’t teach people how to transform our daily conflicts. Instead, we all learn to take revenge and overpowering others, or be passive and disengage when were hurt. But where can we learn the skills and worldview to walk on the path of hurt relationships towards a journey of healing? 

    Learning to trust and understand someone different than myself is the only path towards healing broken relationships. As a recovering turtle (someone who wants to avoide conflict) I engage conflict more directly than before. My goal is to understand the other and be better understood by the other. Then get to the place where we can make an action plan and trust one another enough to walk together in a constructive way. 
    I share this because peacebuilding frameworks, skills and a stories of transformation are powerful in the hands of regular people. Imagine if you had the roadmap to walk on towards healing your most painful conflicts? That’s my goal, to help u find the map and encourage you the walkthe coragious path of healing and reconciliation.

    These are skills and examples I wish I had 10 years ago.

    I habitually practice studying scripture and classic spiritual disciplines because I’m Jesus’ apprentice. Christian scriptures are a story of healing and hope. That idea is new for most people, I’ll help u clearly see why I believe that and you’ll be able to decide for yoursel

    Finally, life is boring if I’m sitting still and not taking risks. 

    I lived in a tent in the forests of northern Canada for 12 months over 5 years as a treeplanter. I’ve lived in Thailand, Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba and currently live in the Philippines with my family. Travel has taught me a lot. My travel stories come out along the way because they have shaped the questions I ask and the choices I make every day.