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Discover a Life of Healed Relationships

My goal:  You living in God’s story of reconciliation. Sustained by Jesus’ spirituality in community. Confident in practicing a culture that heals your world.


Hi, I’m Darnell


I write real stories about the Creator reconciling the world. About ancient spiritual practices. And about healing the world around you like Jesus.

I write about these experiences so that you can find the path to act. I found a life of adventure and joy on my journey with the Creator, I hope you will too.

I lead a church community in Metro Manila where live transformed stories everyday. I am surrounded by amazing leaders. Peacebuilders, development workers, teachers, missionaries, activists, spiritual leaders and regular people. We all serve others with our daily lives. We act to bring new physical, emotional and spiritual life to every relationship.

Are you tired?

How do people lead without anxiety?

These leaders are changing the world daily with small compounding actions and the patience of God, not anxiety. How do they do it?

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I don’t have all the answers, but I walk with the Creator who is loving and invites us all into his family.

Welcome to a new adventure. Read my full story.