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Christian Peacebuilding

My goal is to help you find the Creator’s story of reconciliation, experience Jesus’s spirituality & create a culture of justice and peace in your community.

This is why I write.

Hi, I’m Darnell

Hi, I’m Darnell

I stumbled into Christian Peacebuilding while working with Muslim, Christian and Communist armed groups. I was an intern at a Mennonite Peacebuilding ministry in the Philippines. Today, eight years later I’m finishing my Masters in Peacebuilding and Collaborative Development. My hope is more Christians create communities commited to #EverydayPeacemaking (like my freinds at The Global Immersion Project call it) so the world experiences the healing power of Jesus Christ, not the violence of this world. I work full time planting seeds of Christian movements that embody the Gospel of Peace (Acts 10:36) daily.

I’m always watching the Creator reconcile the world around me. I’ve also been personally transformed in practicing the ancient spiritual practices with the Spirit of God.

I share these stories to help others find the path to a Christianity that looks more like Jesus. A faith that is less of a sacred system to protect, and more of the way to life or a a stream of neverending water.

As I’ve served in violent parts of the world I found a life of peace, reconciliation, adventure and joy. I hope my experiences help you find it on your journey with the Creator too.

Right now…

I lead a church community in Metro Manila. We take choose to be peacebuilders in every area of life. I am surrounded by amazing leaders at Peace Church Philippines. They are community organizers, development workers, teachers, pastors, missionaries, activists, spiritual leaders, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. We learn together, worship together and support one another weekly. We embody the hope of reknewed physical, emotional and spiritual life in all our relationships.

If you’re in Metro Manila and looking for a Christian Community, send me a message by clicking here you’re always invited to join us for dinner and worship!

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