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4 things I Value on My Birthday!

Looking back makes me hope that one day I’ll be considered a crazy one in some sense…

I am now the place I dreamt of being since I was 18, that was eleven years ago. That’s a very very fulfilling experience.

Thank you everyone who has been a part of my journey. Traveling, tree planting, reading scripture, frustrated, letting people down, growing closer, drifting further, sticking together, recovering, choosing love, choosing small steps, justice, peace, Jesus’ peace = shalom is the Kingdom of God on earth. A beautiful internal and external, social and individual spiritual journey.

I’m so thankful that our family is in Manila, with great friends who love God and love our neighbors.


I’m married to the most amazing woman. She loves our family in Canada and gives everything to our family here in Manila. She loves our children and shapes them in every way, everyday. We’re on the same page with every major decision that we make, and even the small ones (though it doesn’t always look like it :]  we’re still growing into that.)


4 things that are important to me today, I hope they are meaningful for you as well:

  1. Raising children is the biggest responsibly and most amazing gift that parents have ever received. Accept it.1
  2. Always define the what your afraid of because it’s very small once it has a name.
  3. Community is always more life-giving than privacy. always.
  4. Love overcomes all things (that’s Jesus message) = Choose love everyday. When you might choose fear, selfishness or privacy instead choose love and it will change you. It will change you and the world to be more like God intends it.3