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Updated: A Prayer Against Fear, a Prayer for the Shooters of the World.

photo credit: _Pek_ via photopin cc
photo credit: _Pek_ via photopincc

After the horrible shooting in Ottawa, Canada last Wednesday (Oct 22, 2014) Carmen Brubacher, who is the pastor of the Ottawa Mennonite Church wrote this prayer for her community, for the city and for the world. Please use it, adapt it and share it so that the light of life might continue to push away the darkness.

Our God,
We call you Light of the world, but today we feel the weight of darkness.
We call you Wisdom, but today we have so many unanswered questions.
We call you Prince of Peace, but today we feel surrounded by violence.
We call on you in our fear, our disbelief, our sadness, and our helplessness.
Hear our cries.

Hold us as we remember the sounds, images, and experiences of Wednesday.
Hold the families of those killed and injured in our city.
Hold families around the world who experience violence and instability.
Remind us to hold each other as we gather in our homes, schools and workplaces in the coming days.

May we seek your wisdom as we try to respond to the questions of our children, which echo our own questions. Why do people kill each other?
We are people shaped by your story of peace. May our responses to the events in our city be formed and informed by this identity.
May we seek your light as we find our way through the dark. In your mercy, Lord, hear our prayers.”

We choose to work for communities of peace who reflect the love of Jesus for all so  that men like the shooter in this story know there is a place to go to find hope and healing in this broken world.

What do you choose to do that promotes peace, understanding and hope in a world full of hopeless people? ~Pastor Carmen Brubacher~

Update 1: This link is a helpful and thoughtful response to the shooting.