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My Mission

My mission is to equip regular people to join the mission of God to reconcile everything.

In my experience leaders play an essential role in equipping and mentoring others. But, you don’t need to consider yourself a leader to partner with God and walk with Jesus. He is alive and healing broken relationships around you and around the world. He’s actively inviting you to join him in his peacemaking mission.

My Vision and Dream

The international church will be known as a global family that work for the healing and hope of their neighbours and the world around them. Like the early church was, like the current Pope is, like Dr. Martin Luther King jr. was, like we Mennonites are internationally.

I and lots of other young church leaders want to see the church walk like Jesus, with his hope, joy, actions and spirituality. I write this blog so that we can have the conversation around these ideas and take action to change what the church is known for in our lifetime.

My Journey to Peacemaking

My friends at The Global Immersion project call this stuff “everyday peacemaking.” I wasn’t always living as an everyday peacemaker thought. It took me a long time to get here:

  • I lived in a tent in the forests of northern Canada for 12 months as a treeplanter.
  • At 17 I visited a leper colony in Thailand. This rose some questions about Jesus and the marginalized.
  • At 18 I lived on a former slave plantation in Jamaica. This rose some questions about Christianity and racism.
  • I was in Haiti during the 2004 coup d’etat. I later read Mountains Beyond Mountains and understood systematic injustice, colonization and globalization better.
  • I was “smuggled” across Cuba in the back of a dump truck, danced with the Cuban church, and heard the good, bad and ugly stories about “Papa Fidel”.
  • I lived and served in Mindanao, Philippines an island working it’s way out of colonization. It was a Muslim majority island. But, years of division caused by “Christian” political manipulation have divided the people. Selfish warlord families who want power and money caused widespread poverty, armed conflict, and 100,000’s of deaths over 40+ years of conflict. There is hope. Muslims, Christians and local indigenous leaders are reinforcing that they do work together. Their goal is to rediscover a lasting, locally determined and sustainable peace. It’s getting there…
  • I live in the Philippines with my family. We’re in Metro Manila, Pasig actually. We lead Peace Church Philippines on a journey with Jesus towards: Understanding the story Jesus told, Practicing the spirituality Jesus modeled & Living the life Jesus lived in a church community.
  •  Travel has taught me a lot. These travel stories (and some pictures) will come out in the blog as you read. They have shaped the questions I ask and the choices we make every day as a family.

Despite these conflicts, I have a lot of hope

The world doesn’t teach us much about being hopeful. Most popular news stories and advertising is about how to get ahead of others by pushing them down. But my story is about how the Creator gave me new life and joy to serve others in contrast to the violently competing world around me.

Our family chose to respond to God’s generosity by giving our life to other in the Philippines!  Along the way I’ve experienced healing daily conflicts, getting energy from spiritual practices (like prayer and meditation), overcoming personal habits, and started to live in the endless hope the bible story give us because of the loving self – sacrificing creator who embraces us!

I don’t claim to have all the answers and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m happy to share what I’ve learned along the way. If you’re curious about living a new story of reconciliation or discovering spiritual practices then enter your email address below and click “Subscribe” to join our online community of reconcilers.