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Recovering Reconciliation as the Mission of God

The picture is from a public twitter account and includes reconciliation leaders Chris Rice, Heidi Weaver-Smith and Emmanuel Katongole. Link: Dr. Chris Rice and his friend Dr. Emmanuel Katongole have embodied reconciliation for many years. One is catholic and one is protestant. They lived as cross cultural friends, white…

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MJ Sharp: A Christian Peacebuilder Who Gave Himself to Serve Others

A few days ago Michael “MJ” Sharp a Mennonite Christian Peacebuilder was killed while working for local peace and development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with local church leaders and the United Nations. His best friend is a Church-mate of ours in British Columbia, Canada. His parents are…


Did Jesus Christ teach nonviolence? Was Jesus Christ modeling nonviolent change?

The world changes leaders change their lives, influence their neighbourhoods and effect their communities. But, change always creates conflict. Jesus Christ is one of history’s greatest change makers. He also created a conflict with leaders who eventually killed him. But did Jesus Christ teach nonviolence as his model for sustainable…

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Positions, Interests and Needs in Conflict Resolution

The positions and interests framework is a simple idea in conflict resolution. Once we understand and clarify the position and interest of people in conflict it’s usually a stepping stone towards relational reconciliation. What is the difference between positions and interests? Conflict usually starts with a disagreement with another person’s…

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The Early Church on Killing Part 2: How Did the Church Become so Violent?

This is part 2 of a 2┬ápart series about violence and the early church. Read part 1 “What Did the Early Church Teach about Killing and War? here. On March 12 , 295, Maximilian Victor was a 21 year-old follower of Jesus called to service in the Roman army. He…

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