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Darnell Barkman Posts

Dann Pantoja

My experience here in the Philippines has been enhanced a great deal because of the competency and forethought of my mentor, Dann Pantoja. Dann’s personal growth and commitment to seeking Jesus with integrity and passion has been an inspiration to me as well as an encouragement in my journey of…

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Elwyn Neri

The friendships that I have made here in the Philippines are the greatest factor in how smooth our transition into Filipino culture has been. We have both made significant connections with the people that we work with every day and constantly look forward to going to work. Filipinos love basketball.…

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Personal Discipline

Personal discipline. I’ve set goals in personal discipline that, if I follow through, I will achieve some feats that I’ve desired for 3-4 years. My goals are to type 40 words per minute, do a handstand pushup and clearly articulate my worldview and value system. I have put in place…

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Reflection: Interfaith Dialogue

Interfaith dialogue. I’ve learned that transparent and meaningful interfaith dialogue begins and ends with mutual trust. Interfaith dialogue is when two groups or individuals engage in discussion to further their understanding of one another, specifically not to try and synchronize their beliefs (a temptation when just starting to build a…

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The B’laan

We’ve just come back from a half-day of driving on rural Philippine roads to visit with a clan of the B’laan tribal group. This tribe has been planting coffee on Mt. Matutum, part of the agricultural land reserve that they occupy, for the last 20 years. Their coffee farming helps…

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On a Sunday Bloody Sunday

U2 – Sunday, Bloody Sunday LyricsI can’t believe the news todayI can’t close my eyes and make it go away How longHow long must we sing this song?How long, how long?Tonight we can be as oneTonight Broken bottles under children’s feetAnd bodies strewn across a dead end streetBut I won’t…

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