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Letters to My Children: The Philippines in 2016 – Following the Light in the Darkness

To my three kids, In 10 years when you look back at our extended time in the Philippines, I want you to find a clear explanation of how we followed Jesus with Peace Church. You’ve watched us live loyal to Jesus. You know we believe deeply in hospitality, building relationships with…

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A Biblical Challenge to Empire: A Recap of “Biag, Buhay Kinabuhi: Valuing Life, Denouncing Killing”

On Oct 29th Manila groups gathered to show unity and affirm the value of every human life. The Philippines war on drugs had created a local culture of violence. It has devalued the lives of people with addictions. We believe the church, and all people, need to act and show…

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Trapping Jesus: When his Kingdom is from out of this World

The conflation of political affiliation and religious devotion isn’t new. In fact, it was one of the earliest traps the enemies of Christ tried to ensnare Him with. Part of the reason Jesus infuriated people in power was because He refused to do their bidding. He served a higher calling…

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30 Days of Guided Rest in your Prayer Life: “Abide in Christ” by Andrew Murray

Hey everyone, recently I’ve been listening to “Abide In Christ” by Andrew Murray. Going through the 30 daily reflections of this book has been like a breath of fresh air for my prayer life. If you prefer text, I’m sure you could find a free PDF version through Google.  This…

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CS Lewis on Writing: A personal letter to a child asking for writing advice.

This was originally posted here My boys and I just finished reading the Chronicles of Narnia. Lewis’s writing is so clear even though his english is from a different era. My wife and I laugh about how the english in the books have effected our boys over the last 4…

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