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Category: What is the Story of Where We Are?

Setting the Table: Resources for the Church to Become the Reconciling People of God.

This is a resource post. For more Christian Peacebuilding Resources check out the resources page. I recently had an awesome afternoon with a woman tired from working in a Christian institution. She was a staff member at a prominent Christian school in the United States or America and burnt out…

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Positions, Interests and Needs in Conflict Resolution

The positions and interests framework is a simple idea in conflict resolution. Once we understand and clarify the position and interest of people in conflict it’s usually a stepping stone towards relational reconciliation. What is the difference between positions and interests? Conflict usually starts with a disagreement with another person’s…

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Are Christian politicians called to imitate Jesus? What about justice with the sword and ordering creation?

A photo posted by Melissa Vincent (@misvincent) on Oct 20, 2015 at 4:55am PDT In a discussion about politicians and Christians this became a central question. Christians are not called to imitate Jesus in everything he did. But, Christians are called to do some things he didn’t do, for example, have children. And…

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Spent an encouraging day at my old high school

 Christina and I spent most of today with 4 full classrooms of Middle school students. We talked with them about: church planting and peacebuilding. We emphasized that Jesus demonstrated that lasting change in the world comes through communities committed to the alternitive loving way of Jesus which is radical and…

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