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Category: What is the Story of Where We Are?

PEACEBUILDING AND TRANSFORMATION: Being a Christian Witness in a Conflicted land. By Dann Pantoja

These are the roots of and the basic theology that we are sharing with local churches. PEACEBUILDING AND TRANSFORMATION: BEING A CHRISTIAN WITNESS IN A CONFLICTED LAND By Dann Pantoja Christian witness is about telling the truth—the Truth we experienced in Christ. Our witness ought to be authenticated with our…

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Food Cravings

In the last few weeks Tina and I have been craving food from home and we found ourselves willing to spare no expense to get it. Thankfully, we’ve found some great places to get food from home to supplement these cravings.It is standard for local Filipino’s to have a hot…

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Daily Transportation

The most basic daily activity that we had to learn once we arrived was daily transportation and it has posed some funny situations. The most common transportation in Davao is the jeepney. A jeepney is a stretched US army Jeep, always with tons of different colours and ornaments all over.…

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The B’laan

We’ve just come back from a half-day of driving on rural Philippine roads to visit with a clan of the B’laan tribal group. This tribe has been planting coffee on Mt. Matutum, part of the agricultural land reserve that they occupy, for the last 20 years. Their coffee farming helps…

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