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Category: Peacebuilding Toolbox

The Peacebuilding toolbox is a storehouse of tools to get the job done.

A writer needs a pen or a laptop, a carpenter needs a measuring tape and hammer and a peacebuilder needs strategy, patience, prayer, relationship skill and a lot of questions.

I teach these skills and backgrounds so you are confident to enter the reconciliation process of your own conflicts or positively affect the conflicts around you.

Setting the Table: Resources for the Church to Become the Reconciling People of God.

This is a resource post. For more Christian Peacebuilding Resources check out the resources page. I recently had an awesome afternoon with a woman tired from working in a Christian institution. She was a staff member at a prominent Christian school in the United States or America and burnt out…

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Positions, Interests and Needs in Conflict Resolution

The positions and interests framework is a simple idea in conflict resolution. Once we understand and clarify the position and interest of people in conflict it’s usually a stepping stone towards relational reconciliation. What is the difference between positions and interests? Conflict usually starts with a disagreement with another person’s…

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Spent an encouraging day at my old high school

 Christina and I spent most of today with 4 full classrooms of Middle school students. We talked with them about: church planting and peacebuilding. We emphasized that Jesus demonstrated that lasting change in the world comes through communities committed to the alternitive loving way of Jesus which is radical and…

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Different people

If we cannot be reconciled with people that look different than we look, then what is reconciliation? And there will be no true freedom for any of us unless we are first reconciled to each other and to God. 

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Conflict. Is it about Resolution or Transformation?

At its most basic, the language of ‘conflict resolution’ implies finding a solution to a problem.  It guides our thinking toward bringing some set of events or issues, usually experienced as very painful, to an end.  We seek a conclusion.  Resolution’s guiding question is this: How do we end something…

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8 ways to Respond Creatively to the Conflict in Mamasapano, Mindanao. #fallen44

Are you afraid? Does the Philippines seem hopeless to you? Has this conflict in Mindanao pushed you towards apathy? Are you confused as to what’s really happening? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’m here to help. Here are 8 practical ways that you can respond constructively…

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