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Category: Peacebuilding Toolbox

The Peacebuilding toolbox is a storehouse of tools to get the job done.

A writer needs a pen or a laptop, a carpenter needs a measuring tape and hammer and a peacebuilder needs strategy, patience, prayer, relationship skill and a lot of questions.

I teach these skills and backgrounds so you are confident to enter the reconciliation process of your own conflicts or positively affect the conflicts around you.

Why do Christians who believe in separation of church and state have political opinions?

This is a response to a question I’ve heard often in the past 2 years in the Philippines and countless times online. Rather than responding on a message board I’ll respond publicly and point people to this post in the future. Today the question was raised: “I have always wondered why…

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A Christian Response to Violence in Gaza & Iraq

I’ve spent four years of my life participating in the peace precesses of two different 40-year-old armed conflicts in the Philippines. I’m no expert in peacebuilding, but I’ve been pro-active in hearing peoples’ stories, trying to understand root issues, and serving people who are in need. From what I’ve experienced…