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Category: Peace and Reconciliation Theology and the Mission of God

Biblical Justice and Participation in Injustice: Coal Dust Anyone?

You and I are part of systems that support an unjust world. It doesn’t need to stay that way. Biblical justice calls us to be part of reconciling and restoring the world. If the world couldn’t be restored then The Creator wouldn’t have bothered coming into the world as a…

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Did Jesus Christ teach nonviolence? Was Jesus Christ modeling nonviolent change?

The world changes leaders change their lives, influence their neighbourhoods and effect their communities. But, change always creates conflict. Jesus Christ is one of history’s greatest change makers. He also created a conflict with leaders who eventually killed him. But did Jesus Christ teach nonviolence as his model for sustainable…

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The Early Church on Killing Part 2: How Did the Church Become so Violent?

This is part 2 of a 2 part series about violence and the early church. Read part 1 “What Did the Early Church Teach about Killing and War? here. On March 12 , 295, Maximilian Victor was a 21 year-old follower of Jesus called to service in the Roman army. He…

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Trapping Jesus: When his Kingdom is from out of this World

The conflation of political affiliation and religious devotion isn’t new. In fact, it was one of the earliest traps the enemies of Christ tried to ensnare Him with. Part of the reason Jesus infuriated people in power was because He refused to do their bidding. He served a higher calling…

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Are Christian politicians called to imitate Jesus? What about justice with the sword and ordering creation?

A photo posted by Melissa Vincent (@misvincent) on Oct 20, 2015 at 4:55am PDT In a discussion about politicians and Christians this became a central question. Christians are not called to imitate Jesus in everything he did. But, Christians are called to do some things he didn’t do, for example, have children. And…

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The opposite of terrorism is not calm or, security. The opposite of terrorism is courage.

The opposite of terrorism is not calm or, security. The opposite of terrorism is courage. The prayer above and the resource to the right, can be used as a responsive reading with friends, a church or can be used for personal prayer. It moved me to tears. The quote above…

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