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Category: Peace and Reconciliation Theology and the Mission of God

The Anabaptist Comma: Apostles Creed Through an Anabaptist Lens

This post was originally published here at Emmanuel Mennonite Church’s blog and was written by our pastor and a fantastic writer and teacher April Yamasaki. I first heard about this idea when David Augsburger visited Emmanuel Mennonite Church a few years back. I’m encouraged by these thoughts and encourage others to think…

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Book Summary – The Early Church on Killing: What Did the Early Church Teach about War and Killing?

This is part 1 of a 2 part series about the early church, killing and violence. Read part 2 here. I recently finished Ronald J. Sider’s book “The Early Church on Killing.” He gathered all of the 2000 year old early church source data for Christians today to summarise the early…


The lost sheep: The gospel of today’s peace and human rights advocacy

This is a powerful reflection by my adopted sister Regina Mondez. She’s a peacebuilder and human rights advocate in the context of the Communist party of the Philippines and the National Government. This article has a great insight into the oppresses people of the world and the desire of Jesus…

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International Women’s Day (2015): Can women be church leaders?

Last week my wife, Christina, wrote a fantastic blog about our daughter, called Dreams for My Daughter on International Women’s Day. Christina hopes that Teyah will be a woman with choices, strong opinions and deep convictions. This is the example we’ve seen in scripture and from our family leaders. In the recent history of…

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I Will Build My Church: Encouragement for Church Planters

I Will Build My Church from Union Church of Manila on Vimeo. I love creating community! That’s what church planting really is. Creating a community who takes care of a place and loves it because God loves that place and it’s people to. This sermon highlights that and the simple message that…

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