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Category: The gift of spirituality for a lifetime

Does God cause natural disasters? Do they happen for a reason?

The Ancient people who wrote the scriptures believed that water, the ocean was a place of chaos and home for evil. This was the home of all that opposes order and God’s good creation. We see that oppose of this in the creation narrative where God creates order and brings order out of the ocean by using his athrity to shape it. In the same way as the creation story to Jesus shows his sovereignty over this chaotic storm in this narrative.


Jesus is the Messiah

This explanation is a favorite of mine about the identity of Jesus as Messiah or Christ. The terms Messiah and Christ have a very rich history and carry a lot of expectations to Jesus when he took that identity upon himself: Messiah, messianic, Christ The Hebrew word means literally ‘anointed one,’ hence…


Exposing the Israeli Occupation Industry @

Israeli and international corporations are directly involved in the occupation: in the construction of Israeli colonies and infrastructure in the occupied territories, in the settlements’ economy, in building walls and checkpoints, in the supply of specific equipment used in the control and repression of the civilian population under occupation. The information on this website is…

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Gang violence across Canada

This is a responce to a Macleans article: “A lot of Ontario gangsters are moving to Calgary and Edmonton and Vancouver—a sort of ‘Go West, Young Man’ movement of gangsters.” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We talk about stopping the problem and getting more cops…

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