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Forgiveness at the point of death

Non-resistance, humility,and forgiveness blend together in the Old Order Anabaptist spirit of Glassenheit [Following Jesus]. “Forgiving the persecutors at the moment of death was the final act of following Christ during one’s lifetime,” according to an Amish study guide. “Christ did not use the sword during his life, nor did he resist with the sword during the time of his death. Rather, he forgave His enemies.” In the Amish mind, to love one’s enemies,as Jesus taught,surely means forgiving them as well. 

  • Floyed can you say a little bit more about what you mean? I’m not sure I fully understand your thought. But here are a few thoughts.

    I think that seeking justice and giving forgiveness are related. Justice/righteousness are the same word in the greek scriptures and it means right relationships that are fair and in balanced.

    Forgiveness on the other hand is a choice made by an individual about thoughts and feelings towards someone else. Forgiveness is personal and if your a Christian then your aware that it also effects how you relate with God.

    The best illustration i heard with that unforgiveness is like acid, it only destroys the container that contains it.

  • floydbc

    Is there a conflict between the struggle for justice versus our call to forgive?