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Personal Discipline

Personal discipline.

I’ve set goals in personal discipline that, if I follow through, I will achieve some feats that I’ve desired for 3-4 years. My goals are to type 40 words per minute, do a handstand pushup and clearly articulate my worldview and value system. I have put in place action plans to achieve each of these goals and I am looking forward to being able to report the achievement of these goals in the next 6 months.
I have been using a computer for the last ten years but I have never spent the time to learn to type properly. As I spend time away from my family and friends the easy communication that the Internet provides torments me because it is such a chore for me to sit down to write an email. The same problem has applied to my school-work, as it is a challenge to have the patience to sit down and complete a project well.
To improve, I’m focusing an hour a day to learn to type properly and quickly within four months. I’ve already seen the fruit of this discipline because I’m five words per minute faster now than I was last week when I started. So I hope I reach my goal sooner than planned.
Here I am focused on planting coffee, a physically demanding job, and I need to be strong enough to work on the first day. At my current fitness level I would be entering in to the task with the physical challenge as a hurdle that I need to leap. As well, I have the challenge of teaching five to ten people how to plant trees very fast. I do not want another mental strain in a few months when I start training people to plant a lot of coffee; I want to be confident that my body will be up for any physical challenge that I throw at it. The ability to do a handstand pushup is just a symbol of a physical feat that I used to think was unachievable but now is attainable.
My final formal discipline has to do with becoming more aware of my personal worldview so that I can articulate it and cognitively address challenges that I might encounter. Someone said that you’ve got to know where you are to know where you are going and I think that it is true. I’m looking for a framework for my personal worldview and my mentor said that he has one so I’m hoping that this will help me layout my worldview and values system on paper. I am a visual and experiential learner; I hope that producing my structured worldview on paper will equip me to articulate it clearly in conversation.
The proverb says, “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.” These achievements will be a few big steps in my journey towards deeper personal discipline.