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Jesus Started The Peacebuilding Path of Recycling Revenge

I listened to this today and it excited me a lot! The Kingdom of God is Jesus biggest metaphor. But, few of Jesus followers today know what it is.

Below I linked a 30 min sermon from Brian Zahnd. It’s one of the best I’ve ever heard. I invite you to listen, it’ll change your life.

Brian Zahnd

Brian Zahnd is a Pastor in Missouri. He is a fantastic storyteller, teacher and seems like a good guy to have a beer with. I would love to spend an afternoon with him.

I claim that Brian as an Anabaptist Christian. I don’t know if he would say it, I don’t remember him saying it. I think he’d describe himself as going back to the roots of the Christianity Jesus intended. 🙂

That makes me smile because that’s what the Anabaptists were trying to do, and still are trying to do these days. That’s what I’m doing by weaving together the strands of stories, Jesus life and spirituality and peacebuilding. These threads are the hope that I have that our generation of the church can be a reconciliation people rather than a warrior people like the church of the recent past.

The Story

This is a sermon that Brian preached last Sunday Feb 19, 2017 at Word of Life Church. He’s is teaching a series about the kingdom of God that’s very timely. Addressing the clear differences of Jesus kingdom on earth and the political kingdoms of the earth. Brian does a beautiful job telling stories about how Jesus orients our priorities.

If you only listen to one sermon this year, listen to this one (click below). Or download the audio here (click this link) .

My passion is Christian Peacebuilding. Here in this community I teach skills and frameworks that empower our community to address personal and international conflict with confidence. As part of my service to this community I also share my convictions that the creator intends us to be peacemakers, because he is a peacemaker. We are made to look and function like our creator in many ways, especially the example of Jesus Christ. He showed us in many narratives how practical peace, justice and salvation play out in daily life. He taught his disciples, “Blessed are the peacemakers because they will be recognised as peacemakers just like their father the creator.” That is my spiritual foundation for all peacebuilding. It’s what God wants, the world at peace and experiencing justice.

I hope my reflections on Christian Peacebuilding (in this case sharing someone else’s reflection I really agree with) help you grow deeper with the creator and Jesus Christ as you walk every day as a more effective peacebuilder. 🙂

Blessings, Darnell

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