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Setting the Table: Resources for the Church to Become the Reconciling People of God.

This is a resource post. For more Christian Peacebuilding Resources check out the resources page.

I recently had an awesome afternoon with a woman tired from working in a Christian institution. She was a staff member at a prominent Christian school in the United States or America and burnt out because of racism she constantly experienced there.

She’s a woman of color. It was a painful story. But she has hope, she’s traveling too see more stories of hope from around the world. I hope that our paths cross again soon. I hope we can work together to catalyze some legitimate communities and journeys of reconciliation around around the world.

These links below reflect our conversation.

A Few Resources We Talked About

A friend told me the other day that I’m a “walking library.” That’s a huge compliment. I accept it.

I read a much as I can and that’s usually a chapter a day. This daily habit fuels my conversations with reminder about ideas and resources that’ve cross-pollinated over time in my mind. When I meet new people, or hear stories, my mind points back to past readings and idea’s I think are important and I want to share them.

This post is another link to resources I want to share and the reasons why.

A table for building peace and building community

The Moral Imagination

by John Paul Lederach

We think of reaching a final agreement to an argument or big conflict as the ultimate goal. But, life and relationships are a constant cycle of conflicts, negotiations and agreements to new paths together. In this chapter Dr. John Paul Lederach shows us why peacebuilders should focus on creating the platform or as I like to describe it “a table” for conflicted parties to build relationships.  At the table they talk and we do something more valuable than reach the final peace agreement. By “setting the table” as peacebuilders we are building support structures and trusting relationships for a more peaceful world by giving people the platform to constantly revisit and reconcile the daily conflicts of life together in violent contexts.

Download the chapter here:

The Idea of a Religious Terror Audit

By Dr. Christopher Marshall

I took a MA course with Dr. Marshall on Biblical Justice and Criminal Restorative Justice in 2013. One of the hot topics of the course was terrorism. Dr. Marshall shared one of his papers advocating that every religious group do a terror audit and take responsibility for their own past violent actions. This would be a first step to revealing the truth and working towards inter-cultural and inter-religious peace and reconciliation. It would be difficult to do this in honor/shame cultures but a worthy idea to wrestle with none the less.

Download the paper here: 

Word Made Flesh: Christian Leadership for Reconciliation

By The Great Lakes Initiative (Duke Divinity School – Center for Reconciliation, Mennonite Central Committee, World Vision Africa)

I found this booklet a month ago. It’s played an important part in building my confidence in the idea’s and theology of Christian Peacebuilding. Simply – it’s a Jesus centered, spirituality that leads to inspiring hope and action. Download it and read it. It’s worth every minute. It’s around 40-50 pages. The people who wrote it are all experts in the field.

Download the booklet here:

Do you know of other resources that would fit on this list? Let me know in the comments and if I think they fit I’ll share them with the community in a post or on my Christian Peacebuilding resources page.

Thanks, db