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Christian Peacebuilding and Reconciliation Resources

I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all the best peace and reconciliation resources I’ve used. I’ll add to it as I find more, but you’ll notice that in the future I will reference this page quite often. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

  1. The best Books
  2. The best Podcasts
  3. The best Free Downloads
  4. The best Videos


Overcome the fear of terrorism with these resources. The best way to combat fear is through understanding.

Christian Muslim Friend Coverchristian. muslim. friend. By Dr. David W. Shenk

Approach your muslim neighbors with love and understanding.

David Shenk is a friend and mentor of my wife and I. We’ve taken multiple classes with him and have been heavily influenced by his life of intentional peacebuilding all over the world. He focusses most of his effort on relationships between Christians and Muslims and this is a book of stories that illustrate the twelve paths to good interfaith relationships he’s learned over the last 40+ years of Christian peacebuilding.

Amazon Links – Paperback~Amazon Kindle


ReconcileReconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians By John Paul Lederach

Understand the practicality and power of Christian Conflict Transformation in a couple of hours

Most christians have not thought about the implications of supporting state violence. Jesus instructions to forgive our enemies might not just be a supernatural challenge, it might be the most practical way to stop the cycle of violence, killing and fear. This book will walk you through the logic behind conflict transformation including clear examples from Lederach’s life.

John Paul Lederach is a peacebuilding practitioner. He has worked in the middle east, latin america and in our backyard here in the Philippines.

Amazon Links – Paperback ~ Amazon Kindle

Becoming a Peace Church – Free Ebook

This ebook and study guide was written by great peace theologians Alan and Eleanor Kreider. They have served as missionaries and and Anabaptist mentors in the UK (and globally) for 30 years. They have been a great example of people following Jesus in more countries that I can imagine.

This free curriculum and study guide originally came from the Anabaptist network website but I’ve also added it below to be downloaded.

If you download this and have comments or thoughts about it I would love to hear about your experience here. We’ll be adapting it for the Philippines context soon.

Download the Course ~ Download the Study Guide

Tongue Screws And Testimony By Allen Kreider (Missio Dei #16)

How do we reject manipulative evangelism and reintegrate talking about sharing our hope in Jesus through faithful service, friendships and testimonies about the hope we have because of Jesus Christ?

In this free 35 page booklett Dr. Allen Kreider adks why the North American Anabaptist-Mennonite Church has shyed away from church plantign. He anilyses the reasons this trend immerged after the enlightenment, and the rise of postmodern thought. He then provides 7 clear values and actions that we can take in our generation to share the hope we have in Jesus more honestly and confidently.

Free download link ~ Click Here


  • Pray as You Go : A 13 minute daily podcast of guided prayer. Music – Scripture – Prayer.

Favorite Episodes

  • The Smart Passive income blog: How to Work a Room and Socialize for Success – with Susan RoAne : This is a great episode about how to meet people confidently. How to nail a self-introduction in nine seconds, How to leave a conversation gracefully, Ingredients for a great first impression and much more super valuable stuff.

  • : Shane Claiborne has been an inspiration to many ever since his book The Irresistible Revolution came out, with its ‘What if Jesus really meant what he said’ message. For the last 20 years Shane has been trying to live out Jesus’s message in a deprived area of Philadelphia, where he founded the new monastic community, The Simple Way. This journey has led him to a commitment to non-violence, ‘from womb to tomb’, which has been tested on many occasions. So tune in for a challenging and counter-cultural conversation.

Creative Active Non-Violence Tools



Video Resources

Foundational Christian Ideas – God is not Angry, The Gospel is Not Condemnation

God isn’t angry at humanity. He’s not grumpy and hoping to catch us so that he can punish us. He’s always turning towards us an encouraging us. He always looks exactly like Jesus. That’s why the Gospel stories in the bible are so wonderful. They show us exactly what the creator is like when he walks on earth.

If you are suspicious of the Four Spiritual Laws or the Roman Road and are looking for a way to explain God that sounds a lot more like Jesus then watch this short video. It will help you out a lot!