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Resurrection and the Canadian School of Peacebuilding

The work of the People

Here is a link to an article about me in the Canadian Mennonite. 

I’ve been taking a class in Canada (Winnipeg, if you know where that is) and I’ve been feeling really excited about the work of the Canadian school of Peacebuilding. I’m here now and the quality of people who are around me are so encouraging. They are all peacebuilders from different contexts: Kenya, Jamaica, 3 Muslim theologians from Iran, Vietnam, Canada and the USA.

Peacebuilding is the integrated process of working with any community or person to move them towards greater peace and justice in all of their relationships. Helping them create harmony. Harmony with God, others, themselves and the creation.

Peacebuilding and the slow process of changing and challenging systematic injustice is often lonely work. People who do it get lonely. It’s always a journey up hill and against the status quo and we peacebuilders are often the small group of radical people showing the world that there is light and there is hope.

I have the church, so I don’t feel loneliness, mostly. Specifically I have PeaceChurch Philippines which is full of the most talented Christian peacebuilders I know! 🙂 I’m totally biased though as their pastor.

One reason that I’m so optimistic and energized when I spend time in areas that are oppressed is that I see the power of Jesus’ resurrection. I’ve experienced it in my own life and I see the reality that death has no power over people who’ve met Jesus and know they are in his hands. God loves all people infinity! Journeying towards him always transforms the lives of the people who open themselves up. That’s one of the exciting things about being a Christian peacebuilder the spirit of God helps me to keep my eyes open and see far beyond the current reality of injustice.

I was looking for a little something encouraging before bed and I found this video on Alter Video Magazine. I love the video’s of the work of the people/Alter Video Magazine. Their free video’s reflections are provoking, encouraging and reorienting. It’s definitely a site you should bookmark for future review. Here’s the one I watched today, it’s about resurrection, Blessings. Have a good day or night, where ever you’re at.