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Spent an encouraging day at my old high school

 Christina and I spent most of today with 4 full classrooms of Middle school students. We talked with them about: church planting and peacebuilding. We emphasized that Jesus demonstrated that lasting change in the world comes through communities committed to the alternitive loving way of Jesus which is radical and nonviolent. 

The first 3 blocks of students were grade 6 students and we were surprised about how their natural opinions were so sustainable and so peacebuilding oriented. They said things like: “If you want war you use war as a tool, but if u want peace why would you use war to get it. It’s illogical.” Very impressive coming from a grade 6 student. 


 The last class of they day also had some surprises. They were grade 8’s and something happened when they hit puberty. They all thought that violence was a necessary evil to bring peace in our world. (I strongly disagree with this statement)

The conversation went so deep with them:

  • What about Hitler?
  • What about ISIS?
  • What about the people who want to hurt us because they are crazy?
  • And lots more…

We were so encouraged by them and their thoughtfulness. These students have an awesome future ahead and we really appreciate all of the love and care that their teachers are giving them every day. It’s sure Turing to drop in for a full day of teaching I’m encouraged to know their commitment to show up and do that every day. 🙂

Follow this link for a quick video of the day 🙂