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The lost sheep: The gospel of today’s peace and human rights advocacy

This is a powerful reflection by my adopted sister Regina Mondez. She’s a peacebuilder and human rights advocate in the context of the Communist party of the Philippines and the National Government. This article has a great insight into the oppresses people of the world and the desire of Jesus…

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OPAPP & NDF: “We’re ready to talk!”

The worlds longest internal conflict is still smoldering throughout the Philippines. But, there is a glimmer of hope to see its end. The nation wide conflict between revolutionaries in the Communist Party of the Philippines/New Democratic Front/New Peoples Army (CPP/NDF/NPA) and the National Government have engaged and disengaged often in the last 27 years. The talks between the 2 groups are now stalled since early 2013. But there is hope. Both sides have publicly said they want to come back to the table.

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