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Tag: Following Jesus

My Crisis & Starting Point: Finding Life as a Christian Peacebuilder

My journey to discovering that peacebuilding and reconciliation are the center of the good news Jesus embodied started in the picture below. Mandeville Jamaica. This is Stones Hope. It was an old coffee plantation that started in the early 1800. Now it’s a small YWAM bible school for international students and an elementary…

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Peace Theology Was a Journey for me, Are You On a Journey to Find It?

My journey of discovering Biblical Peace Theology happened while reading scripture with Bangsamoro Muslim friends in the southern Philippines. I listened to their history, a history of oppressed people, from their perspective and in it I learned to hear Jesus message of peace, hope and salvation in the bible with…


A Christian Response to Violence in Gaza & Iraq

I’ve spent four years of my life participating in the peace precesses of two different 40-year-old armed conflicts in the Philippines. I’m no expert in peacebuilding, but I’ve been pro-active in hearing peoples’ stories, trying to understand root issues, and serving people who are in need. From what I’ve experienced…


Can you Imagine? 150 Elected “Leaders” All Stealing Money?

“As MennoNerds, we all have found certain distinctives of Anabaptism to be central in our expression of faith.  This article is part of a MennoNerds Synchro-Blog in the month of May on Anabaptism.”Mennonerd Blog Series on Anabaptist Convictions.  If I was part of a militant revolutionary reform movement in the…

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