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Want a simple explanation of the Mindanao peace process?

The Peace Process in the southern Philippines is very complex. There are more than 5 major relationships that effect the peace agreement and many more sub-relationships after that. This is a short video I made to explain the complexity of these relationships and how we, people in the norther Philippines,…

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The lost sheep: The gospel of today’s peace and human rights advocacy

This is a powerful reflection by my adopted sister Regina Mondez. She’s a peacebuilder and human rights advocate in the context of the Communist party of the Philippines and the National Government. This article has a great insight into the oppresses people of the world and the desire of Jesus…

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A Christian Response to Violence in Gaza & Iraq

I’ve spent four years of my life participating in the peace precesses of two different 40-year-old armed conflicts in the Philippines. I’m no expert in peacebuilding, but I’ve been pro-active in hearing peoples’ stories, trying to understand root issues, and serving people who are in need. From what I’ve experienced…


OPAPP & NDF: “We’re ready to talk!”

The worlds longest internal conflict is still smoldering throughout the Philippines. But, there is a glimmer of hope to see its end. The nation wide conflict between revolutionaries in the Communist Party of the Philippines/New Democratic Front/New Peoples Army (CPP/NDF/NPA) and the National Government have engaged and disengaged often in the last 27 years. The talks between the 2 groups are now stalled since early 2013. But there is hope. Both sides have publicly said they want to come back to the table.

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Analysis on the Government of the Philippines position in the peace process. Written in August.

In the last month we have seen a whirlwind of armed conflict and corrupt personal political interest revealed in the media every week. We’ve been warned with threats of an all out war that would send the peace talks back 3 years and we have seen outside media manipulate the…

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Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches: The Mindanao Issue

PCEC STATEMENT ON MINDANAO ISSUE We, the Evangelical community, are deeply saddened at the violent turn of events in parts of Mindanao for reasons related to the failed signing of the draft Memorandum of Agreement—Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) between the Philippine Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The alarming…

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