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Tag: Peace Theology

Recovering Reconciliation as the Mission of God

The picture is from a public twitter account and includes reconciliation leaders Chris Rice, Heidi Weaver-Smith and Emmanuel Katongole. Link: Dr. Chris Rice and his friend Dr. Emmanuel Katongole have embodied reconciliation for many years. One is catholic and one is protestant. They lived as cross cultural friends, white…

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J.H. Yoder – On Luke 14:26

“Modern psychologizing interpretation of Jesus has been bothered largely with whether the word hate here should be taken seriously or not (Luke 14:26)…The point is rather that in a society characterized by very stable, religiously undergirded family ties, Jesus is here calling into being a community of voluntary commitment, willing…

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PEACEBUILDING AND TRANSFORMATION: Being a Christian Witness in a Conflicted land. By Dann Pantoja

These are the roots of and the basic theology that we are sharing with local churches. PEACEBUILDING AND TRANSFORMATION: BEING A CHRISTIAN WITNESS IN A CONFLICTED LAND By Dann Pantoja Christian witness is about telling the truth—the Truth we experienced in Christ. Our witness ought to be authenticated with our…

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