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Tag: Reflections and Bible Studies

My Crisis & Starting Point: Finding Life as a Christian Peacebuilder

My journey to discovering that peacebuilding and reconciliation are the center of the good news Jesus embodied started in the picture below. Mandeville Jamaica. This is Stones Hope. It was an old coffee plantation that started in the early 1800. Now it’s a small YWAM bible school for international students and an elementary…

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Recovering Reconciliation as the Mission of God

The picture is from a public twitter account and includes reconciliation leaders Chris Rice, Heidi Weaver-Smith and Emmanuel Katongole. Link: Dr. Chris Rice and his friend Dr. Emmanuel Katongole have embodied reconciliation for many years. One is catholic and one is protestant. They lived as cross cultural friends, white…

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Jesus is the Messiah

This explanation is a favorite of mine about the identity of Jesus as Messiah or Christ. The terms Messiah and Christ have a very rich history and carry a lot of expectations to Jesus when he took that identity upon himself: Messiah, messianic, Christ The Hebrew word means literally ‘anointed one,’ hence…


J.H. Yoder – On Luke 14:26

“Modern psychologizing interpretation of Jesus has been bothered largely with whether the word hate here should be taken seriously or not (Luke 14:26)…The point is rather that in a society characterized by very stable, religiously undergirded family ties, Jesus is here calling into being a community of voluntary commitment, willing…

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PEACEBUILDING AND TRANSFORMATION: Being a Christian Witness in a Conflicted land. By Dann Pantoja

These are the roots of and the basic theology that we are sharing with local churches. PEACEBUILDING AND TRANSFORMATION: BEING A CHRISTIAN WITNESS IN A CONFLICTED LAND By Dann Pantoja Christian witness is about telling the truth—the Truth we experienced in Christ. Our witness ought to be authenticated with our…

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