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Setting the Table: Resources for the Church to Become the Reconciling People of God.

This is a resource post. For more Christian Peacebuilding Resources check out the resources page. I recently had an awesome afternoon with a woman tired from working in a Christian institution. She was a staff member at a prominent Christian school in the United States or America and burnt out…

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PODCAST// Sabbath as Resistance: Walter Brueggemann on Becoming Radical Christians Who Love God and Our Neighbour

Charlottesville. I lament the pain and injustice that we are seeing there and all around the world. The world needs peace, but how do we get there? Listen to the Walter Brueggemann interview here Non-religious peacebuilding is mostly based on skills and tactics. These have been a major focus of…

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Recovering Reconciliation as the Mission of God

The picture is from a public twitter account and includes reconciliation leaders Chris Rice, Heidi Weaver-Smith and Emmanuel Katongole. Link: Dr. Chris Rice and his friend Dr. Emmanuel Katongole have embodied reconciliation for many years. One is catholic and one is protestant. They lived as cross cultural friends, white…

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The opposite of terrorism is not calm or, security. The opposite of terrorism is courage.

The opposite of terrorism is not calm or, security. The opposite of terrorism is courage. The prayer above and the resource to the right, can be used as a responsive reading with friends, a church or can be used for personal prayer. It moved me to tears. The quote above…

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What did the Early Church Teach about Capital Punishment, Killing and War?

Below is a quote from Ronald J Sider’s new book (2012), The Early Church on Killing. It’s a comprehensive compilation of relevant primary documents [and teachings] from the early church addressing any form of killing. The quote below is Siders last paragraph, a summary of the entire book. “What we can say…


Resource: Do violent video games cause real world violence?

My wife and I think a lot about how we raise our kids in this violent world. Our parenting goal and the character we guide our children towards is confidents in service to others and bringing peace, justice and reconciliation to all relationships around them as Jesus followers. Violent toys…

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