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Did Jesus Christ teach nonviolence? Was Jesus Christ modeling nonviolent change?

The world changes leaders change their lives, influence their neighbourhoods and effect their communities. But, change always creates conflict. Jesus Christ is one of history’s greatest change makers. He also created a conflict with leaders who eventually killed him. But did Jesus Christ teach nonviolence as his model for sustainable…

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Want a simple explanation of the Mindanao peace process?

The Peace Process in the southern Philippines is very complex. There are more than 5 major relationships that effect the peace agreement and many more sub-relationships after that. This is a short video I made to explain the complexity of these relationships and how we, people in the norther Philippines,…

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OPAPP & NDF: “We’re ready to talk!”

The worlds longest internal conflict is still smoldering throughout the Philippines. But, there is a glimmer of hope to see its end. The nation wide conflict between revolutionaries in the Communist Party of the Philippines/New Democratic Front/New Peoples Army (CPP/NDF/NPA) and the National Government have engaged and disengaged often in the last 27 years. The talks between the 2 groups are now stalled since early 2013. But there is hope. Both sides have publicly said they want to come back to the table.

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