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I Will Build My Church: Encouragement for Church Planters

I Will Build My Church from Union Church of Manila on Vimeo.

I love creating community! That’s what church planting really is. Creating a community who takes care of a place and loves it because God loves that place and it’s people to. This sermon highlights that and the simple message that Jesus is creating his church to transform the world including and despite our best efforts.

This is one of the most encouraging sermons I’ve heard in my life. The teacher is Rev. Darrell Johnson who’s currently leading First Baptist Church in Vancouver, Canada. The occasion was the 100 year anniversary of Union Church of Manila where Darrell was the lead pastor during the mid 1980’s when Ferdinand Marcos’ dictatorship was coming down through a peaceful revolution. At the time the followers of Jesus in Manila participated greatly in the revolution. He’s one of the most talented preachers in the world, as you will see.

Encouragement for Church Planters

This part is for church planters who are tired. If you’re not a church planter you can close this now… 🙂

Our role in the Kingdom of God is to be welcoming and to care. We create a community and space for people who are searching for their creator to find and connect with Him. We can’t make it happen.

Like a farmer or a Dr. we are called to create the best conditions we can for something supernatural to happen. A farmer makes sure the soil is fertile and healthy, but God is the one who gives the sun and allows the seeds to grow. Secondly, A medical Dr. makes sure that the antibodies are present to fight sickness and that cuts and breaks are set properly, but ultimately the healing comes from the Lord and the bodies he’s given us.

The apostle Paul encouraged a church with divided loyalty by reminding them that he and their other teachers were not worth deciding over since they only plant and water spiritual seeds, God is ultimately the one who gave the sunshine and life to the spiritual seeds and create  transformation in their lives. (1 Corinthians 3)

Keep planting, keep watering and keep praying that God will give you wisdom to tend the garden he has given you and faith that the sun will make His seeds grow.